About Us

TherapistJobBoard.com is the latest offering from the PhysicianJobBoard.com family of healthcare provider focused job boards. Like PhysicianJobBoard.com and AdvancedPracticeJobBoard.com, TherapistJobBoard.com is committed to delivering a service that provides a high quality resource for its clients that contains fresh and current data. At the same time, TherapistJobBoard.com will present its data and services in a format that is intuitive and easy to use. We hope that you take notice of the small nuances we have built into the software that make navigating the website easier and faster at delivering the information you are trying to secure in a logical manner. To this end, we welcome any feedback anyone has on ways we can improve TherapistJobBoard.com. Our philosophy has always been that we try to build top quality sites for you, the users.

Why TherapistJobBoard.com? Therapy of all kinds, including physicial, occupational, speech and other types, is a rapidly growing industry that we believe is underserviced by the job board and staffing industries. The demand for therapists across all specialties is rising and we believe there is room in the market for a job board that caters to the industry and delivers the same strong results that we have demonstrated at both PhysicianJobBoard.com and AdvancedPracticeJobBoard.com. In order to gather quality candidates and job postings, we will take our typical deliberate approach and not stock our data with purchased data that has been previously circulated to the masses. Also, we will deliver our services at a very reasonable price.

Our intent is to make sure that through our pricing model it allows both large and small staffing firms, including sole proprietors and direct employers, to have access to our comprehensive database and suite of services. We believe that this philosophy will make TherapistJobBoard.com an appealing place for therapists to post resumes while retaining control over access to their resume. Accordingly, each therapist can make their resume anonymous or provide their full contact information. Therapists of course can post their resumes and peruse the posted jobs for free.

By catering to the needs and wants of the therapists, we feel that employers will find that posting their jobs on TherapistJobBoard.com will give their jobs the broad exposure an employer desires. As the TherapistJobBoard.com develops and evolves, the fresh therapist/candidate database will provide an ample pool of candidates for staffing firms and employers to search in their work to find the ideal therapist for their open positions. As we work to build the candidate database on a daily basis, we expect that TherapistJobBoard.com will become an increasingly more critical resource.

TherapistJobBoard.com is not a staffing company so it does not compete with its clients. TherapistJobBoard.com prides itself on a having a website that is easy to navigate and making each experience efficient and productive. There are many alternative solutions in the marketplace and TherapistJobBoard.com is focused on being the best of those alternatives. To meet this goal, the website will be enhanced and improved regularly and as we have always said, input from our users is more than welcome.

Welcome to TherapistJobBoard.com. We think you will like it.
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